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V.In some cases, Asian's mistake the annunciation for the phrase "Make a wish." In many of these cases (as seen in Nick Cannon's show "Wild N' Out") the phrase can sound like the word licorice.
An Asian with bad English - "Ooooo shooting star...... licorice."
by J-Steez April 21, 2008
11 17
A chewy candy that comes in all sorts of flavors, cherry and black being the most popular.
I like black licorice.
by wendy lane May 23, 2003
50 27
The way little sisters sound when they attempt to curse in their squeaky, high pitched little voices, at and about everything.
My sister called me a #*(&$^ #$(*Y #$*&#(er and that #)$( #$)%&# #*$& was (*@&#$@!. It sounded just like she was saying licorice
by glasses February 01, 2008
22 17
a black ginger, person with black hair, dark freckles and pale skin
That dude is a total licorice.
wow, what a lich.
by Jennnnnnnnnifffaa December 10, 2007
11 12
hooking up with someone at a party then disregarding it next time you see them.
person 1: so youre just going to licorice him?
person 2: yeah i guess
person 1: but you guys are really close... awks
by peach3141592 November 26, 2010
3 11