Another word for going down on a woman. To get some lickety split is to eat pussy.
Lickety Split is also the title of a lesbian porn movie.
by OneBadAsp October 26, 2006
Top Definition
"Lickety split", meaning fast or quickly, apparently arose in the 1830s and 1840s. The origin of the expression isn't totally clear. Similar to stat.
Grandma just slipped on a bananna peel so I have to get her to the hospital lickety split!
by Tom Connelly September 08, 2006
adv. Very quickly, taking place in only a few milliseconds.
I got out of that strip club lickety-split when I realized the dancer was actually a man.
by Boris June 09, 2004
The reason why lesbians travel faster than gays
The 2 lesbians drove to San Francisco lickety split while the 2 gay guys were busy packing their shit.
by Jimothy Bob April 28, 2013
a short sex act (performed when eating out a guy's ass from behind) whereby the ass-eater momentarily services his cock and balls fruitbowl style before going right back to eating his ass.

important note: by dwelling any longer on the junk, it is no longer a licketysplit but rather an entirely different sex act: sucking cock from behind. the licketysplit is a quick acknowledgment of the dick and balls but is still really all about the ass, a side dish to the main course.
while hungrily eating out jeff's ass, martha quickly ran her tongue down to his balls and cock giving him a licketysplit before resuming tossing his salad.
by electric.eel December 11, 2009
When you make a 'V' with your middle and fore fingers and aggressively lap your tongue between to entice females with the suggestion of oral sex.

Another variation is to make the 'V' with your pinky and fore fingers in the "rocker licketysplits" option.
"When he showed me the speed at which he could do the licketysplits I soaked my panties"
by ShockerZulu April 12, 2013
to administer cunnilingus
I gave her lickety-split
by Jake February 04, 2004
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