The most butchered and corrupt word in the English language.

Originally meant somebody who believes in individual liberty and personal sovereignty, now means the complete opposite. Modern "liberalism" is an authoritarian collectivist ideology that is much closer to fascism and Communism than classical liberalism, with modern liberals believing that big government is the solution to every problem.

The funny part is the actual reason behind the corruption of this word, which was conservatives calling statist-socialists "too liberal" for supporting things like the legalization of homosexuality, the separation of church and state and soft drug laws.
Modern liberal: I support freedom of speech for everyone but extremists and haters.
Classical liberal: Everyone should have freedom of speech no matter how far their views stretch from the norm, after all it is those for whom freedom of speech exists to protect.

Modern liberal: People shouldn't be allowed to own guns because they're dangerous.
Classical liberal: When guns are criminalized, only criminals have guns. Everyone should have the right to defend themself and their property from criminals and tyrannical governments with a firearm.

Modern liberal: Marijuana should be decriminalized, taxed and regulated by the government.
Classical liberal: All drugs should be completely legalized to be grown and traded by whoever wants to grow and trade them. What somebody grows, trades or smokes is up to them, not the government.

Modern liberal: A high income tax is a necessity.
Classical liberal: Income tax is theft by thugs with guns.

Modern liberal: The government should be there to make sure people don't make bad decisions.
Classical liberal: People should take more personal responsibility for themselves.
by I wish I had a wittier name March 02, 2009
like to do the "group think"

instead of the "free think"

or the "individual think"
bunch o' brainwashed fricken b00bz
by Mot October 09, 2004
Someone who wants to feel cool even if they are a jerk..... wanting to have cake and eat it too..
guy who smokes weed as a teacher to feel cool.
Liberal , liberalism, hippie throw back,
Because i smoke weed that makes me look cool and young but if i saw a guy getting muged on street unless it would benefit me or my family i would walk by them and not say a word.

Lapd were wrong to beat up Rodney king but if i robbed someone it was ok..
If anything goes on out side my box i cant react but i smoke weed and im cool, read some poetry and its all good, ir u watch porn
by artoficial nigga January 21, 2009
wait wait say the liberals dont care about our soliders? Last time i checked, it was the liberals who were against the war in Iraq, where over 1500 over our soliders have died and over 10000 (TEN FUCKING THOUSAND) have been horribly maimed and countless others have suffered phycological damage. All to "Free the Iraqi people"...who obviously dont want to be free, since all of them are helping to blow the shit out of our soliders, who if the republicans cared about wouldnt be there anyway
Person A: Dude you liberals hate the soliders! douche
Me: Ya...which is why the liberals made all the soliders go to iraq
Person B: Ya, but the soliders are making the Iraqi's free !!!!!!!!!111one
Me: Dude...we went into iraq to kill terrorists and find weapons of mass the way, where is Osama bin Laden
Person A: Who??? that name sounds kinda familiar, but all thoughs arab names sound alike.
Me: Nevermind...did you know that most human rights organizations put Pakistan and Saudi Arabia (mr. bush's allies) as worse human rights offenders than Iraq BEFORE we invaded them...and this is the reason our soliders are fucking dieing in iraq.
Person B: You hate american you liberal!
Me: lets send some stupid republican corperate assholes to fight instead of lower class kids trying to pay for my cousin
by yoav March 28, 2005
In modern American terminology, a liberal is one who falls to the political left on most issues. These people, although good citizens, seem to enjoy muckraking and slandering most of the time. They say they like America and her laws and policies, but they end up just protesting, which is ok, but they tend to do it negatively. Overall, the modern use of the word liberal is just an insult, such as calling one a jackass, which, coincidentally, is the Democratic Party's symbol.
That guy listens to phish records, smokes pot, and is a public nuisance. He must be a liberal.

ps, im not conservative.
by Enlightened America March 22, 2005
Basically, a simple minded hippie, but worse. Also, the guy/girl that no one actually likes.
Obama is a Liberal.
by DiLLeeYY April 12, 2009
See communism
Todd-"I believe in welfare! I am a true liberal!"

Bill-"He's a commie! Get him!!"
by TrashCanSam August 18, 2011
Someone who is out of touch and stuck in the 1960s.
Look at this old pot smoking hippie with a Obama sticker on his Harley Davidson motorcycle - he is just an out of touch liberal
by kyster23 April 25, 2011
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