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libations are ritual pourings of drinks as an offering to a god.
Papi: "What are you doing tonight?"
Pete Dick: "The usual, jacking for beats and enjoying a couple libations."
Papi: "I am in, where at?"
Pete Dick: "The Kirk Hotel!"
by Pete Dick March 12, 2008
A beverage, especially an alcoholic beverage
Samrat had many libations this past weekend
by The Jerz January 31, 2006
The pouring of a (usually alcoholic)beverage in memory of deceased friends and or family (i.e. homies.)
LIBATIONS! *pouring Jager off the balcony*
by Erin Wellman April 16, 2005
A Sex act where a girl, usually but not nesisarily wareing leather chaps and a wip, has sex with six guys in an old un-painted 16 foot aluminum rowboat on a small pond, in upstate New York, while waving sparklers in the air with both hands, trying to impress her co-workers who are standing at the edge of the pond drinking beer, and wishing they never came to the party.
Girl: "So i'm having a party this forth of July. Who wants to come?"


Girl: "I got fire works, ah... it will be fun!"

Even more akward silence.

Girl: "The'll be libations there!, yeah well do Libations!"

Me... after she Leaves upset "I'll never be able to look at her again, 6 guys in a rowboat with sparklers, Damn! I kinda would want to see that."

co-worker: "No, No you wouldn't. Trust me."
by Hotbrains July 13, 2008
anything that a person wants at any given time, (food, water, sex, sleep, ect.)
i require libations.
by einstein4471 July 21, 2008