A substitute for "fail" since it is overused.
That was LI.
by Fluffabunny August 28, 2010
li is a funny and beautiful person. Sexy and great in bed. A great kisser when not intoxicated. A great friend. li will go out of her way to help you with problems your having first.
Oh shit, it's li!

Move, li coming through!

Hey, thanks li!
by keylimeeee February 04, 2010
Lactose Intolerant. Typically used to describe women who prefer not to ingest male fluids produced during fellatio.

Also used to describe women, who become disgusted at the sight of a penis and all of its products.
How LI is she from one to ten?" "Oh, shes so LI she may be lesbian.
by dynamyte101 January 11, 2011
To chill or relax, to take it easy
1: What are you doing this weekend?
2: Nothing much, I'm just gonna L.I.
by Hugh Jass! April 02, 2011
lazy indian syndrome (not the ones that work on xbox, but the native americans.), when someone is 45% or more native American and won't do any work.
"Man! That guy outside the convenience store with the brown bag must be a major L.I.S sufferer "
by just stubbin January 05, 2010
pronouncement: lee

Used to express extreme happiness.
The word comes from the way you can't controll your lips from vibrating in an uncontrollable way when you are very happy.
P1: OMg!1 you just won the lottery!
P2: !!! OMG li !!! :D
P2: I have serious amounts of li right now!
by thendrix January 24, 2007
To take, hold, or steal your heart. A girl who doesn't know how truly beautiful she is, both inside and out. A soul mate.
she pulled a Li on my heart. (she stole or holds my heart)

my heart was Li'd (my heart was stolen)

watch out she will Li you. (she will steal your heart)

you have yourself a Li. (you have yourself a soulmate)
by YuanJie November 09, 2014
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