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Get them before the hair does.
Most of the 20 something guys that hit on the girls 15 and younger, because they're easy.
by RevStan January 08, 2004
To have to go number 2.
To poop.
To make naughty water.
Brennen had to go bust a grumpy, becuase he'd tried to move and built up enough bodily waste to kill an elephant.
by RevStan January 09, 2004
Something said when you disagree with what happened.
Jebus was railed by RevStan.
Jebus: Lies!
by RevStan January 08, 2004
The largest LAN party.. ever. 2005 marked QuakeCons 10th annual celebration of everything gaming. It hosted up to 4000 computers, and plenty more people just showing up off the street. 2004 and 2005 were held at the Gaylord Resort in Grapevine, TX. Every year they get a bigger budget, and better swag (free stuff). If you get the chance, go, you won't be displeased. Also, bottles of Bawls are passed out like candy, and are used to supplement the 3 hours of sleep each night that the average person gets. QuakeCon is a celebration of all things gaming, but by tradition and name, is really a hail to FPS games, especially games in the Quake series.
You: "Hey boss, I need a week off of work so I can get 8 hours of sleep, and play 132 hours of games at QuakeCon. It's really important."

by RevStan September 25, 2005
Someone who really enjoys giving hickies... especially when they dont mean to and everyone they know, knows about it.
Your hoover of a girlfriend left a love bite on your neck.
by RevStan January 06, 2004
A derivation of Pooty; it is the vaginal region of a woman, or little girl, you sick retartds, where often times a males reproductive gland is to be inserted for pleasure.
Strip club DJ: I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 10.
Bartender: uhh, 7?
Strip Club DJ: POONANY!!!
by RevStan December 10, 2003
A brownie made with white chocolate. :)
"this is a good brown... wait.. whitey?"
by RevStan December 17, 2003
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