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A girl who is observed as having possible lesbian characteristics.
I think she is a lebsbifriend.
by bizon April 22, 2003
7 4
Lesbian friends of other lesbians
Person 1: She's a lesbian, we were friends in high school
Person 2: Oh, you were lez-be-friends
by PatMagroin2344234 June 11, 2012
1 1
Amazing group of girls who punch each other in the cunt when drinking beers.
Did you see Heather get Cunt Punted, LezBe Friends style?
by LezBe Friends April 05, 2011
7 6
when a lez wants to fuck a friend but doesnt wanna say lezfuck!
Hey, Deb! Me so horny, me love you long time! Lezbefriends!!!!
by CockLvr February 22, 2009
3 3