Top Definition
A girl who is observed as having possible lesbian characteristics.
I think she is a lebsbifriend.
by bizon April 22, 2003
Lesbian friends of other lesbians
Person 1: She's a lesbian, we were friends in high school
Person 2: Oh, you were lez-be-friends
by PatMagroin2344234 June 11, 2012
Amazing group of girls who punch each other in the cunt when drinking beers.
Did you see Heather get Cunt Punted, LezBe Friends style?
by LezBe Friends April 05, 2011
when a lez wants to fuck a friend but doesnt wanna say lezfuck!
Hey, Deb! Me so horny, me love you long time! Lezbefriends!!!!
by CockLvr February 22, 2009
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