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A.) When a girl claims she's straight but everyone knows otherwise.

B.)Straight girls making lesbian decisions.
A.)"I don't like girls stop saying that!!!"
"Lez be honest, you'd probably fuck her harder than I would."

B.)"Did you see Kim kiss Courtney last night?"
"Lez be honest bro, they both gay."
by dizzlec September 29, 2011
31 2
1. What one says when they are too drunk to say "Let's be honest"

2. What one says when they are trying to make some kind of sexual orientation slur about lesbians

3. What one says in general if one is in college and thinks they are funny when in reality they are not
Lezbehonest, ya look good.

We are so cool, I mean Lezbehonest here
by The.Big.One December 29, 2011
40 12