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the act of texting a girl named Lexie or Alexis
"Grant, are you lexting right now?"
"haha, ya"
by colapsedlungman August 18, 2009
The act of texting a girl whose name is Lexi
Hey, man. Are you lexting that chick?
by c159 April 22, 2011
Love texting. Love + Texting = Lexting. Texting romantic stuff to your girlfriend so she gives you head later. Adding a lot of hearts and sweet lines from movies that make your girlfriend think you're amazing.
I wish i could just smell your beautiful hair again <333

We should go out to dinner, drink wine, and look at art tonight <33333

I know you're working from 9-5 tomorrow... but i really wanna be your 5-9. <33

I was lexting yesterday and my girlfriend gave me head that night!
by Koampapapa November 17, 2010