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When you convince someone to do something using skeevy, hand-waving reasoning that in actuality gets them to do something you want them to do rather than something that migth actually be best for them.
King Theoden was wormtongued by Grima Wormtongue in LOTR Return of the King
by koampapapa February 03, 2012
Love texting. Love + Texting = Lexting. Texting romantic stuff to your girlfriend so she gives you head later. Adding a lot of hearts and sweet lines from movies that make your girlfriend think you're amazing.
I wish i could just smell your beautiful hair again <333

We should go out to dinner, drink wine, and look at art tonight <33333

I know you're working from 9-5 tomorrow... but i really wanna be your 5-9. <33

I was lexting yesterday and my girlfriend gave me head that night!
by Koampapapa November 17, 2010

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