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The art of random nothingness or unexpected, unjustifiable actions of human beings.

Symptoms: Social ineptitude, Chin straps, religious headgear during random moments in the year, simply complex minded, washing dishes and doing laundry at long intervals, feelings of the ability to bend space, time and reality,

Opposite: James Bond.
i.e. you are watching a movie with several friends... the movie is interrupted by a random act of yelling and rousing that has no relation to the movie, or current scene in the movie, or any comment anyone in the room has made - resulting in puzzled amazement by others in the room expecting context behind said random act of stupidity.

During a movie such as The Terminator, explosive singing occurs ♪"SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOWWWW!!"♪

In which after long pause, person two causally mumbles, "Boy, that was one helluva act of Levism"
by Doctor Spokky April 11, 2010
The belief everything ever said or done is false, unknowable, and make up bullshit in addition to the ardent belief that everyone but you is full of shit. Adherents of levism have a tenancy to piss other people off, but they don't care, because as already stated these other people are, of course, full of shit. The founder of this school of thought is a mythical figure known only as "The Lev".
Person 1: Did you hear that guy preaching about levism the other day?
Person 2: Ya man, that guy was full of shit.

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