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my man's clothing line
level 27=billy= my man
by angelic_tears13 December 31, 2003

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billy martin
a reeeal pathetic clothing line designed by some UNDER talented asswipe called Billy Martin from Good Charlotte
1:Hey man do u like my new shirt?

2:No bro its aweful, what yo lil baby brother scirbble on the damn thing?

1:No its a level 27 shirt

2:huh....that explains it
by poo+shit is wat i eat August 06, 2005
a clothing line designed by billy martin and his friend steve sievers.
most frequently called "clothing for children of the night" because the line has a rather dark taste.
all in all, level 27 is frikkin awesome.
level 27- clothing for children of the night. <3
by childOFthenight27 June 26, 2005
clothing line designed by billy martin.....<3<3 i love him
wow, that level 27 shirt you are wearing is really cool. Didn't billy martin design that? hes soooo talented!
by me May 27, 2003