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A person who is lacking in substance.

A head of lettuce, while filling, provides little to no nutritional value. Similarly, a lettucehead is someone who often talks without contributing anything worthwhile to a conversation.

Origin: Parts Unknown
Dan: Enough with the mustang talk, Nick! You're such a lettucehead.

Tim: Wow, that is a fantastic point, Nick, you're definitely not a lettucehead!
#airhead #bimbo #blowhard #connoisseur #lettuce head #lettuce-head #knowledgeable
by Mortimus Maximus February 08, 2013
A strong and enthusiastic supporter of Republican presidential candidate John McCain. It is a play on the word "Deadhead," a fan of The Grateful Dead and Parrothead, a fan of Jimmy Buffett.

Earlier this year, John McCain, a strong advocate of granting amnesty to illegal immigrants said that Americans wouldn't pick lettuce even if they were paid fifty dollars an hour, emphasising the importance of immigrant (legal or not) workers in the United States.
Stan: "I'm busy tonight. I'm attending the rally for John McCain."

Dan: "Dude, you are such a Lettucehead."
#politics #slang #current #events #campaign #candidate
by Ahina March 17, 2008
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