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Reality TV shows that depict familes and people in their daily routines, vacations, workplaces, homes etc.

Same thing as Train wreck TV. Some families self-destruct for millions of people to watch. The Goselins (on Jon and Kate Plus Eight) and all their recent problems, for example. Families become famous, dysfunctional celebrities before our very eyes and ears.
Frank: My wife likes watching Jon and Kate Plus Eight and Wife Swap. But I can't stand those TV shows. It's like the people's lives are in a fishbowl.

Fred: My wife likes those shows too. I leave the room when she starts watching. There's way too much voyeurism on reality television shows these days. That's all those programs are, Fish bowl TV.
by Ahina May 27, 2009
Any of the reality TV shows that depict the "up close and personal" lives of the people or familes on the program. TV programs such as Jon and Kate Plus 8, 18 Kids and Counting (the Duggar family) and Wife Swap are prime examples. Also known as "fishbowl TV."
Julie: Did you watch the season premier of "Jon and Kate Plus Eight?" The kids are sooooo cute.

Hal: Are you kidding? I have better things to do with my time. That show makes me wanna puke. Now that the Goselins are having trouble keeping their marriage together and all the rumours--he's cheating on her, she's cheating on him. I feel sorry for the kids that their parents are selfish enough to put them through all that on a TV show. It's nothing more than Train wreck TV.
by Ahina May 27, 2009
The intense, euphoric feeling skiers and snowboarders who live in or near ski resorts experience whenever the weather forecast calls for heavy snowfall in ski areas. Often enhanced by overly enthusiastic TV weather forecasters or radio personalities.
John, a snowboarder and Fran a skier both experienced a snowgasm when they heard the weather forecast of a major snowstorm for the Colorado mountains. Dan however, who couldn't care less about the ski areas was upset because he had to delay his travel plans for a day.
by Ahina December 19, 2006
A trailer park usually in unkempt condition with old, beater mobile homes the residents of which work in working- class, blue collar, service or contruction jobs and seasonal employment jobs building homes for the ultra rich people or working in ritzy high-class, hoity toity resort areas serving, affluent high class clientle. Such trailer parks are often located a long distance from the jobs requiring long commutes for the workers.
John and his roommate Bill get up early each morning and leave their aluminum ghetto home for the long commute to work their jobs--John as a construction foreman and Bill as a restaurant cook in a ritzy, hoity-toity resort area.
by Ahina May 22, 2006
A strong and enthusiastic supporter of Republican presidential candidate John McCain. It is a play on the word "Deadhead," a fan of The Grateful Dead and Parrothead, a fan of Jimmy Buffett.

Earlier this year, John McCain, a strong advocate of granting amnesty to illegal immigrants said that Americans wouldn't pick lettuce even if they were paid fifty dollars an hour, emphasising the importance of immigrant (legal or not) workers in the United States.
Stan: "I'm busy tonight. I'm attending the rally for John McCain."

Dan: "Dude, you are such a Lettucehead."
by Ahina March 17, 2008

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