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A fucking brainstorm that fatassed neighbors think up while sitting around eating Entenmans & Haagen Das and drinking diet coke (as if Diet Coke will keep the poor excuse for a brain thiking that she's on a true diet)and watching Jerry Springer, all the while she's still in her Fucking pajamas @ 4:00 in the afternoon.
Now, when they finaly get out of the un-maintaned house, they start flapping thier gums, bend the forearms at the elbows at a 45 degree angle (as if she's been doinh itall her life) and off they go!
This absolutely Fucking useless and moronic idea will last anywhere from 3 days to as much as a whole week before giving it up.
Bertha: "This cake would taste so much better if I could eat it off of Steve's(head of security on Jerry show) cock.
Marge: "oooohh, I know I know, but then your weight would go 610lbs. when 595lbs. looks great.
Bertha: "hey! I know... lets go walking."
Marge: (with the look of sheer terror on her face),she says "What for"?
by mavros April 11, 2006
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