Polite way your parents might enquire or announce if you've farted
Oh dear, father, I think Jeremy's let off again, open a window.
by David from Kingsbury November 04, 2003
Top Definition
to nut(ejaculate)
Aye dawg im talkin this girl here was so good i let off in like 10 minutes bruh
by soicybikergang January 21, 2009
to shoot, or empty a clip from your weapon (gun)
AW DAM, they let off shots Son!
by n'Vain July 25, 2008
Noun: Used to express magnificence.

Verb: Used to express wild behaviour -- often associated with intoxication.
That party really was a letoff.

We letoff on Friday night, it was crazy.
by PTronix August 19, 2008
(Aussie slang) A letoff is a fart

A fart is an emission on wind from the anus
Women letoff too*********
by Danny Dick August 06, 2006

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