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fear or hatred of lesbians
by recruitment central June 04, 2003
40 9
an irrational negative response to lesbian women based on the fact that they have sexual/ strong emotional relationships with other women
by Dykezilla November 04, 2003
24 12
lesbian specific homophobia
by peachy April 23, 2003
22 11
Hatred, fear and disgust towards lesbians.

This is quite common, especially in South Africa, where corrective rape happens.

Contrary to the popular belief that men love lesbians, it's actually the (straight) males who are the lesbophobes. They think they can turn them straight or they hate the overall masculine ones who mimic them & take their girls. Only few girls are lesbophobic, especially the religious nuts.
Look at this dyke. What is she wearing?

Keep your lesbophobia to yourself bastard. You're just jealous that her suit is nicer than yours dude.
by lesbophobia March 28, 2012
4 0