Actions or behaviors reminiscent of stereotypically lesbian actions or behaviors
"wearing a sweater vest and collared shirt is so lesbionic"
"Remember that girl who took naked pictures of us at camp? She was totally lesbionic!"
by quasigirl7 February 21, 2010
Robot Lesbiens.
Joe: Oh my god, its bionic woman!
Bob: Yeah she's lesbionic.
by CrazyGuy207 May 26, 2009
a very lesbian woman that has endless sex
kylie is just lesbionic...she has has sex 18 times this week
by always firm August 28, 2008
1. Having, or refering to, lesbian tendancies; 2. Any reference to lesbian tendancies.
"That woman is acting quite lesbionic, do you think she's a lesbian?"
by alex February 22, 2005
A woman that switches between being bisexual and lesbian as she pleases.
Asia went lesbian for a year and now she has a boyfriend but still gets with girls, she is so lesbionic.
by Asia001870 July 17, 2008

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