(1) Like or pertaining to the race of uber-cyborg Lesbians from Mars, the Les-Bots. Known for having rocket launchers built into their arms and defending Home Depot from their mortal enemy, the Fag-Hag, any act that combines inane chivalry with a rampant military fashion sense is by nature Lesbionic. (2) Adjective describing a wicked return in badminton.
(1) Her lesbionic courage finally won the respect and trust of her new schoolmates; now she wasn't just the new kid but someone Jimmy might ask to the Sock-Hop. (2) What a lesbionic shot, Steve! You really know how to bang those birdies.
by Dr. Milton November 24, 2007
Adv: refering to lesbians
"That book "women of the silk" had lesbionic overtones!"
by Drunken Goddess February 13, 2005
Another word for "lesbianism" or "lesbian sex" favoured by British motoring journalist and 'Top Gear' host, Jeremy Clarkson.
"I'm going to watch a film with Kristin Scott Thomas in ... there's bound to be some lesbionics." - Jeremy Clarkson.
by The_Parson October 07, 2013
Something pertaining to two female robots or cyborgs who are emotionally and sexually attracted to each other.
"Dude model X2-3K so wants to do me."

"No way she'd go for you she's les-bionic."
by Mooskow March 29, 2009
(adj.) of or having to do with lesbianism
Marsha has a real lesbionic way of walking.
by AlainLuc May 17, 2009
To have complete and utter lesbian behavior.

To be an Atomic Lesbo.
You are being so lesbionic right now.
by Aummy August 02, 2007
secret society of lesbians out to get some vaginariffic fun
She's so lesbionic.
by Anonymous May 10, 2003

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