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–noun, plural lesbiebers.

1. a lesbian female who resembles Justin Bieber

2. a youthful male or female who's particular hair style and dress resemble Justin Bieber
The Tegan and Sara concert was filled with lesbiebers.
by asdfghjklvbnm October 03, 2010
A Lesbian who looks like Justin Bieber

A Justin Bieber hairstyle on a lesbian
Wow, I just thought I saw Justin Bieber, but after a double take, I realized it was only a lesbieber.

I'd like you to cut my hair short, but please don't give me a lesbieber.
by Julakamela February 24, 2011
A lesbian that looks an awful lot like Justin Bieber.
"Woah dude, did you see that les-Bieber? She had the hair and the obnoxious attitude and everything!"
by MerMadison May 13, 2014
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