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1. The act of lurking in a concealed manner while pleasuring oneself, i.e., masturbating, spanking it, jerking the gherkin, etc.
2. The act of lying or waiting in concealment while pleasuring oneself.
3. To exist unperceived while fondling the genitals.
Derived from the two words "lurking" and "jerking"
The girls at the Chi Omega house totally caught me lerking and called the cops. I had to run like a motherfucker.
by nltgn February 05, 2010
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The act of being approximately 1462.7 lbs. overweight while still retaining an incredibly dense muscle mass. Lerking is also defined as the act of benching the world, while being spotted by Atlas. Those who Lerk are generally bad at walking and balancing, and tend to trip on anything and everything in their general vicinity. Lerks typically can be found masturbating upside down in playground near small children, inside Tommy Lockhart's van, or inside a vaginaboob.
That Eric was Lerking so hard, he benched my world.
by Tbaratta February 21, 2012
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Verb Lerking comes from the verb lerk which means to sneek.
"Thirsty nigg** be lerking you have to catch em' and merk em'" The Massacre, 50 cent, In My Hood
by Cario Williams April 07, 2005
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