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Small flying creatures that are capable of emitting lethal spore clouds. Lerks can usually be found residing in ventilation ducts, especially ones located near human quarry. While annoying on their own lerks can be quite dangerous when teamed up with their more powerful brethren, such as the fade or the onos.
"Gimme some nades comm, that damn lerk is back."
by Bigwig January 05, 2004
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Annoying little bitches found in the half-life mod "Natural Selection".
"Ignore the lerk, get through the fucking phase gate!!!"
by Nil_IQ January 07, 2004
someone who hangs around and doesn't pay and doesn't even offer to pay for anything
can describe more than one person(s)
man that fools a lerk, ive been paying for his ass for months
their a bunch of lerks it seams like that fool lives here and he pays no rent
by joe kukel December 22, 2005
To go about business in an orderly boo fashion so that one remains out of contact by all means for a substantial length of time. Consequentially a "Great White" lerk is one where the individual is out of reach for the better part of the day or multiple days.
I have been on the great white lerk for the past 24 hours!!
by The O rig O nal April 06, 2003

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