A safe word for casual converstaions - a personal guarantee of truthfulness
"dude - I totally had sex with Mary!"
"no way"

by JB Hooligan October 19, 2007
Horrible 16 foot tall horned beast that eat the flesh of the living and the spirits of the dead, and corn chips.
Gee mommy may I have toaster.
by Cheesehead October 23, 2003
VERB. a magical action. to make shit appear. to make shit disappear. if its magical, you can leprechaun it.
"she fucking leprechauned that ice cream out of thin air!"
"Will you please leprechaun me a new vibrator?"
"The magician leprechauned the bunny out of his hat"
by hornpugue July 15, 2006
1. A Tiny Mythical Creature whose vocal speech patterns resemble that of the Irish heritage.

2. One Of With Tiny Buckles on his shoes and typicaly manages a RadioShack

See Also: Timothy Cox
Tim wears buckles on his shoes. He Is a Leprechaun.
by Dynamic Duo March 04, 2006
when ur getting head and u say to the girl, "hey look a leprechaun!" and when she turns to look u bust ur nut in her ear.
Psh, that bitch Anne is so dumb, i hear she gotten leprechaun from 5 different guys.
by fuck yea i get leprechauns April 24, 2005
Small folk, often somehow tangentially related to Ireland. Typically under 5'3".
Small asian girls named Rosie are often leprechauns.
by The Leprechaun Authority November 25, 2004
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