The pains chiefly associated with a male's erection grinding against his female partner during heavy sexual play. See dry humping. Often adding to arousal at onset the pains proceed to become excruciating and ultimately frustrating, often reducing the ability to retain erection (hard on).

From Irish folklore, where a leprechaun was a little man dressed in green who would appear at forest edges and was rumoured to possess a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Often men who sought these creatures would enter great misfortune and suffering would result. As such a man who seeks sexual fulfilment from a woman who refuses to give it will suffer the pains in his groin as a result of dry humping, known as leprechauns.
"Man, I wish me and my girlfriend would just have sex, all this grinding is starting to chafe my loins something awful."
"Dude, these things take time, until then you gotta put up with the leprechauns running wild and free."
by Belvadir May 04, 2008
Top Definition
1. A mischievious little man, often clad in green, who moves your remote and steals your underwear in the dark of night.

2. A vertically challenged pedophile who tricks little children into eating his magically delicious "lucky charms." Some say he's not even human. They say that the clover on his hat is his source of power. There is no way to destory it except to match it's awesome might. This is why on St. Patrick's Day, some children nearly went mad pawing at the ground, searching for a four-leaf clover. I encourage you to do the same, for the leprechaun equinox is near... Lucky's power will be at a climax, and by daybreak the world will be his.
1. "What's wrong, Katie?"
"That leprechaun has stolen me lucky panties!"

2. "Catch me lucky charms, they're magically delicious!"
by wysiwyg February 16, 2004
a leprechaun knows where the gold is at. who else has seen it? say yeah!
could be a 'crack head' who got hold of to (sic) the wrong stuff. leprechaun leprechaun
by kingjim April 17, 2006
To me it looks like a leprechaun to me, all you got to do is look up in the tree. Who all seen the leprechaun say yeaaaa!!
about the 'leprechaun'
Person 1: My theory is...its a shadow cast from the other limb...
Person 2: Could be a crackhead who got hold to the wrong stuff.
by trojanfever May 15, 2006
a little irish man who keeps a pot of gold under the rainbow and follows me around

A little irish fellow who brings good luck and tells me to burn things.
No little leprechaun, i will not burn down that house
by bobby mcbob bob July 13, 2003
A heterosexual male working in a predominately female profession who is convinced that he is more attractive than he really is because there is no competition. The resulting inflated self image produces a persecution complex wherein Leprechaun becomes convinced that female coworkers are lusting for him and believes that they are always after his Lucky Charms.
I tried to tell him his fly was open but he's such a Leprechaun he assumed I was hitting on him.
by Whiteroses January 25, 2009
A leprechaun is a fictional character which you would come across in Irish folk lore. It is not - as believed by most Americans - something you are ever going to come across in The Republic of Ireland. Leprechauns are usually portrayed wearing shamrock green garments and are being about one foot tall. In the FAIRY TALES if you come across a leprechaun he will lead you to his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
American Tourist walks up to red-haired Irish child
American Tourist: Are you a leprechaun?
Irish Child: Fuck off.
Irish Child then beats the shit out of American Tourist and leaves him/her for dead.
by Irish_Girl95 July 11, 2008
Pesky little fella with ill-temper (see hockey-temper) and bad manners. From ireland and in posession of lucky charms. When caught, the leprechaun is forced to hand over a pot of gold and might grant wishes. Similar to that common Gnatt.
See the simpsons episode with the leprechaun and you'll understand...
by The Tangoman September 19, 2004
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