An irish teacher who lies and likes to fuck over his students
Mr. Cole is a fuckin leperchaun
by William February 03, 2005
Top Definition
A leprechaun with leprosy.
"After getting leprosy and watching his lucky charms fall off, Lucky the Leperchaun wandered the town ringing a small bell, crying 'Unclean!'."
by Aaaooo! April 04, 2004
Leperchauns are short Irish myths, They wear green suits and are predicted to have a lot of gold, but this is a miss conception. They actually come into your house at night and steal your belongings. If you turn off your phone or put it on silent, the leperchauns will be sure to take it from you. It will be very hard for you I get your phone back becaus ethe leperchauns don't compromise well. Don't turn mentally challenged and put your phone on silent, leperchauns will take it.
"Dude I lost my phone yesterday"
"Did you have it on silent?"
" Yeah cus people were texting me too much"
" Horrible mistake, the leperchauns must've taken it at night, they take everything you leave out of sight"
by A Victim of their crime April 01, 2013
An oddly short person dressed in green who has an unusual obsession with gold. Usually seen trotting in fields of grass. Always keeps a pot of gold nearby. Rumor has it, Leperchauns turn into a gold coin when they die of old age.
JIM: Damn Leperchauns, always giving me diarrhea!
by Alen A. and Igor B. August 09, 2004
a little green person that goes around on saint patricks day

looking for something to drink.
dude did you see that thing in the bushes i thinks its a
by KingdomHeartsFan98 March 28, 2010
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