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An all around noble name. Comes from Old English origin and means brave lion. Leo=lion and pold=bold or brave. Can also mean incredibly intelligent and perfect. Anyone named leopold is meant to be a leader. People with this name tend to be really successful and lead really happy lives. I wouldnt be surprised if a Leopold ended up running for President one day
King Leopold was the leader of the Belgians in the late 1800s and his son King Leopold II became one of the greatest leaders in history.
by Jrent April 03, 2010
A sexy character from South Park who is so adorable and abused by everyone. He once helped Cartman fulfill his afterlife duties so he can go to heaven.
Ski Instructor Thumper: Hey you got some crap right there!
Leopold: That's my face, sir!
by jyi00 April 20, 2006

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