Sign of the zodiac that house fellow celebs like Madonna and j.lo. a very confidant and successfull person who has mediocre looks and talent, but a lot of charisma and very entertaining.
1.flambouyant(Queens are most likely Leos)
2.Love adoration even when it is not directed at them..they will steal other peoples attention.
3. very loud
4. think they are royalty.
5. Want to be seen with attractive people even though most are only mildly attractive.
6. Have pretty good style, men are usually better dressed than most women. For women a very stylish sign..Jackie O was a Leo.
7. Love to be told they are pretty..especially the men.
M-" At the club last night jenny was being loud. She was the center of attention thanks to her 5 inch platforms, sequined cape and glitter feather boa. She made all the guys dance with her and punched a fat chic."
R- "Wow her inner Leo came out last night!"
by mori10 February 16, 2008
a fucking asshole
girl 1: fucked over again?
girl 2: ya tht guy was a total leo
by aijrslijhlitjhlk January 18, 2010
punk ass stoner,guy to get your green from
man hes sum good ass dealer,a proper leo!
by poppy January 02, 2005
-A male consuming a very petite penis...with a very large personality.
-Friends with everyone but takes it to his advantage. Not good around alcohol.
-usually foreign
-shy at first, but crazy once you get to know him.
Jackie:hey so i randomly hooked up with this drunken guy at a party, he couldn't stop pushing me to do stuff.
Terra: aww man, he sounds like such a leo!
by andrealyssa12345 June 10, 2008
a dictionary that translates english to french
by penis July 27, 2003
All dayer (Leo Sayer) on the piss.
"You coming out on a Leo?"
by Goody January 25, 2004
A Twiggy Person who is top heavy and always falls over.
Look, There's Twiggy Leo, He's going meesh meesh again.
by Isobel Mcleish September 27, 2003
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