-A male consuming a very petite penis...with a very large personality.
-Friends with everyone but takes it to his advantage. Not good around alcohol.
-usually foreign
-shy at first, but crazy once you get to know him.
Jackie:hey so i randomly hooked up with this drunken guy at a party, he couldn't stop pushing me to do stuff.
Terra: aww man, he sounds like such a leo!
by andrealyssa12345 June 10, 2008
punk ass stoner,guy to get your green from
man hes sum good ass dealer,a proper leo!
by poppy January 02, 2005
All dayer (Leo Sayer) on the piss.
"You coming out on a Leo?"
by Goody January 25, 2004
A thai freak. Also used to determine, Posing in Perfection. I.E A person who pretends to be cool to such a limit, that you just want to truly cut of his head.
Hes being a leo again, lets linch him!
by thealmightyon3 October 02, 2004
1. any dog
2. to hang out, be lazy
"Whew, it smells like a wet leo in here!"
"What are you doing today?" "Not much, just leo-ing around."
by monsoon March 27, 2005
my lovely dear blankey
I love you lovely leo.
by imhuggingthepinkblankey June 21, 2004
A person who’s world is so convoluted with binary code, trance music and burning man nostalgia that they are unfamiliar with even the most overexposed pop-culture personalities.
He doesn’t know who Eminem is or how to pronounce David Bowie. What a Leo!
by MPB October 06, 2003

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