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lennox is the universal word for god of all men. your typical adonis with the perfect looks and personality. only downfall in some cases can be loud snoring like a wild animal with a blocked nose but this will not stop you falling for him as soon as you see him.
also can be used to describe a natural leader.

loved by all his friends even more than they realise, too modest. all in all a real catch.
once you have a lennox as a friend or partner dont let him go!!
hilda - hey albert have you seen mark lately?

albert - yea i saw him today at the 2nd hand toilet roll shop.

hilda - oh he really does care about the enviroment, hes such a lennox oooo i need a lennox in me!!
by brownlungs December 06, 2010
biggest pimp name in the universe usually has huge penis
Lennox has a huge dick
by chadid December 04, 2007
To have extremely pointy nipples, especially when cold.
O man, I just got out of the pool and im totally Lennoxing right now
by Fluffy Mittens August 07, 2008