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warrior woman . awesome person , outgoing , funny , strong.
hilda such a warrior.
by deezy_beLLa15 April 07, 2009
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Meaning ; Strength from within or Warrior . Hildas are generally Strong , Loving Individuals who create life long bonds with friends and lovers . They are Sensitive but are not quick to talk about it and they are the best friends you could ever ask for .
i love my hilda
by carolyn87 July 25, 2011
Hilda's are beautiful , outgoing , sometimes shy girls . They are the best friends you could ever have and they are the funniest . Most guys wish they could have a Hilda in their life she's one of a kind and she can make you feel special.They generally have gorgeous eyes and full lips . Hilda's are sassy , calm and cool just don't get her mad cause your asking for trouble. Hilda's are great dancers and great team players they are considerate of other people and they love their friends. Hilda's are strong,independent woman who are loved by many and envied by many.They are very forgiving and sweet people .
Hilda's a warrior

Hilda's so sassy

"Man, I wish I could be with Hilda"
by Liveitp December 14, 2013
Great dancer, great friend, great team player. Loves sports, and loves to be with her friends. Loved by many, also hated by many. Very forgiving, and very sweet. Don't get her mad thought, because she will put up a fight. She wears her heart on her sleeve, which gets her into trouble at times. She is funny, loves to make funny noises. She loves to go out at night, loves pasta, and hates fake people. Big bumb, small body, and nice nails. Usually nice eyes.
I love my Hilda
by Nusss November 30, 2012
Cool, calm, but dont get her mad. Sassy, fun, loving and enjoys to go out at night. Usually a good dancer, with a small body. Nice bum usually. Shes cute, loves sports, and loves her friends.

This girl is a Hilda. I love my Hilly
She will be there for you when you need her, willing to put up a fight.
This girl is a Hilda. I love my Hilly
by Luns006 November 30, 2012
HHilda is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet. Ending with her is great. She knows how to talk to people and loves making them feel special to her, because they are. Hilda can charm you with her eyes and make you inlove. Her bright smile will warm your heart. She's the only one you'll want to think about. She's a great friend and team player. She enjoys laughter and creating countless memories.
Hey have you met hilda?

Yea I'm hanging out with her tonight :) strong independent caring
by Ramonnoodles08 July 05, 2016
A women with a great vagina and clitoris plus she is also very flexible. Very good at cooking and riding whenever she is in the mood that you can only make her feel once you call her Hilda
Look at her cook, she must be a real Hilda
by TheGuyWithTheTrueDefinitions June 23, 2016
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