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a shorter way to say "Let me see"
Ex: Lemis your boobs

Ex: Lemis the lax wand
by David Gueli October 10, 2007
A name given to only the most beautiful, kind-hearted, immaculate, unique, ambitious, and totes down to earth woman. A very uncommon name that couldn’t be found anywhere else in the world. Can be described as the modern day hippy by the amount of peace and love she illuminates when she arrives.

A real easy person to consult with when you’re in need of an ear or shoulder, but on the other hand she is a great debater that will go on for hours debating her side while pretending to “Agree” with you. Though you may not reciprocate the actions, this girl would move mountains for you, travel across the country for you and completely turn your darkest of days into sunshine.

A walking sunflower, be sure to take care of and shower with plenty of love like the ancient form of Bukkake
Lemi started red-nosing on her Kia

If you want a swallower, look no further, Lemi is here
by Yung v3GG!3 January 08, 2014
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