A person who is severly dissilusional to his surroundings and physical appearance.

Is normally a loner or loser.

Spends alot of time on the internet doing nothing.
That guy is a a Leking.
by Mike Hunt. July 11, 2004
Top Definition
A man with unlimited beauty and self-confidence. A leking thinks he is gods gift to the world, and probably is. The fact that he knows this makes him somewhat annoying and amusing at the same time.
leking is loving himself again.

Typical leking
by Rach July 10, 2004
Often big-headed and obsessed with their own genitalia, lekings are in no way anything like they claim to be.

More often than not they haunt internet forums, proclaiming that they are 'teh secks' and other such egotistical comments.

Avoid at all costs, for fear of losing your self-confidance.

They are often known to have a heinous anus.

Also used as an insult to someone who thinks they are hardcore, cool or popular, but are not.
"You leking."

Leking: "I r teh secks."
Bystander: "Go home, small child."
Leking: "Admit it."
Bystander: "You have the largest ego I have ever seen. Stop invading my cleavage."
by Anon July 11, 2004
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