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A crazy anus.
That is one out of control anus. In fact, I'll go so far as to say it's a heinous anus
by H TO THE ARLOT February 02, 2003
When someone has HELLACIOUS gas!
Jake gave Jamie a Dutch Oven, and she screamed, "OH MY GOD!! You have heinous anus!!!"
by Two-Hands October 21, 2009
The sensation that one's sphincter is actually aflame, usually occurring after eating bad tex-mex, taking a really nasty shit, or pulling the Steve-O Bottle Rocket stunt from JACKASS NUMBER TWO...
GUY1: Dude, why did I have to go to Chipotle on my lunch break? Now I've got to sit through this board meeting with my heinous anus! My Asshole must look like a cigarette burn on the Sunday morning comics!
by Mjolnir12982 April 18, 2010
One out of control anus.
Man, that anus is wacked out. I'd so far as to say it's a Heinous Anus.
by H TO THE ARLOT February 02, 2003
extra thick poop ring, can be heard when person clenches their ass
EWW! somebody has a heinous anus! Adonis is that you!?
by duckmanx March 11, 2003
Noun- The number one greatest punk band on the planet, started in November of 2004 by the great Sam Stark (look up definition), and formed in the attic of Doug Mitchell(look up definition)'s home in Gilsum, NH. Sam Stark plays the mean lead guitar, Doug Mitchell on the bass, Greg Brown on the sick ass drums, and Sam Wyman just fucks around. They are an amazing band with many fans around the Monadnock region in New Hampshire. There debut show will be on April 20th 2005, at the Monadnock High School talent show. Be there, motherfuckers.
"Wow, I am in the mood for some incredible music, lets go to Gilsum and hear HEINOUS ANUS rock out with there cocks out. Yknow, they are so good, I just want to shag all of them", the really hot chick said.
by HeinousAnus March 29, 2005

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