Top Definition
1) Groin
2) Akin to armpit, but between one's legs
Does your leg still hurt?
I think I tore my legpit.
by Meth10304 June 16, 2005
The bend (pit) behind the knee, similar to an arm pit
Ahhh my leg pits got so sunburnt this weekend at the beach!
by burntzta February 21, 2011
The backs of your knees. Similar appearance/skin texture to your armpits.
Mommy, my legpits are so sweaty...feel them.

Created by a 4 year old boy.
by Roxma May 24, 2010
another word for pussy;derogitive
after she blew me i jammed my cock in her leg pit
by m-e-a-n-1 October 31, 2009
A colloquial term for vagina.
'I sentence you to thirty days in the legpit.' - Queen Ellizabeth I
by Unshaven Maven March 14, 2014
The spot behind the knee.
The sweat pooled in my leg pit during morning yoga
by Kjlyk February 02, 2014
A stanky vagina
After that Arcade Fire performance the accordion player had a sweaty leg pit.
by Moleseed January 03, 2013
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