1. Short for the word legitimate, not fake. The real deal.

2. It can refer to something as high quality, stellar, or top notch. Saying that party was legit does not mean the same as saying that party was cool. Legit adds on more value to the context by expressing the fact that the party may have involved great music, beautiful women, and an overall great time and in no such way was a let down.

3. Legit can also in context to refer to a good deal.
1. "These nike's are legit, not that bullshit you find off the internet."

3. "Yo I traded my shitty pokemon cards for 5 holographics."

"That's legit yo!"
by Fresherthantherest October 25, 2013
a word that makes kids sound smart and know what they are talking about
Yo that Quick Scope was LEGIT!
by irish porn star August 30, 2011
Children born or raised by his/her biological parents who are married.
The shotgun wedding worked for sarah palin this time, her son Track got married just in time to have legits.
by Frank da la tanko August 12, 2011
Meaning real. Or perfect. Or, "on thee dot".
Short for legitamate.
You drew that tree legit, it`s like, on thee dot correct!
by Italianshortyy2*(: June 25, 2011
The best friend the words like "Sketchy" and "bro" will ever have. Used mainly by pot-heads, surfers, and people in high school.
Dude: That's so sketchy!
Bro: Nahh its so legit bro!
by Skrodomface December 14, 2010
Ironic acronym for something that is clearly not what it claims to be: Likely Even Greater In Theory (L.E.G.I.T.)
That dollar store "at home marijuana drug test" is obviously L.E.G.I.T.
by Thornbrow June 07, 2014
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