Often mistaken for a meer legend.A leg end is of a much greater coolness.
"Wow you got me the new harry potter dvd.You're such a leg end."
by coooooooolkid November 18, 2007
An alternative pronunciation to legend, with a similar but more complimentary meaning. Used in praise of an individual's efforts or behaviour.

The first syllable is pronounced like "leg" i.e. you have 2 of them and use them to walk around on.
Anita Ferguson, you are an absolute leg-end of spin-doctoring
by Kiwi Wordsmith August 11, 2005
A person who is addicted to Fantasy sports. Originating from NRL Dream Team addicts!
He doesn't play anymore but he is a Legend.
by GLHighlanders July 11, 2011
A man with Godly Character, strength, commitment, sincere, Successful; One who leaves a legacy for ages to come.
Terry gave up his time to help hurting kids, he's a legend.
by Rod R November 17, 2007
Someone to look up to. A leader of their field and respected by his peers.
Luke Burt is a Legend.
by Flyer221 May 17, 2011
All time greats only beaten in status by god himself, Legends will be rememered for centuries to come for all the great heroic things they did in life
' man have you seen BD, DA and LY over there, cant believe there on it again and looking so fresh and hot, there absolute LEGENDS '
by legend13 May 11, 2010
their name will be known a hundred years from now
matt was a legend for the lemon styling of his hair.
by bobbobbobbill January 18, 2010
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