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3 definitions by Appo

someone or something that goes way beyond any normal parameters. an event to take special note of. originally coined in Chester by a group of sad young men looking to try an increase the size of their chodes. it didnt help. they do argue however, that oral sex did.
that was extreme!
by Appo November 10, 2003
Something particularly swarve and sophisticated. another chester word that did not help in the search of two or more inches.
looking rather debonair there goob.
by Appo November 10, 2003
Someone with exceptional capabilities in any field, most notably in the sexual antics he or she performs. However this can also be used in a slightly worse way, for example if someone were to get intimate with someone of the opposite sex akin to a hippo. example below is of the worse variety
See Rob pullin fat beth? Fucking legend!
by Appo November 10, 2003