That one person in class who never has a partner and therefore is either tacked on to another group of two or is left to work by themselves. This can also be a result of the class having an uneven amount of students.
Being a leftover makes you feel lonely T.T
by Ophelia Sterling March 15, 2010
1. When you're at a bar talking to a chick and her ugly friend creeps in to talk to you...that when you got leftovers.

2. Girls you don't want to hook up with tonight, but if you're too lazy to go out tomorrow, you might eat 'em up.
Man I'm not craving that meat tonight, call me up tomorrow when you got left overs.
by playa hata 01 February 05, 2010
When a woman is giving a man head and he hits the punching bag in the back of her throat with his penis making her vomit. before the vomit can come out he quickly rams his penis down her throat making her eat her own vomit, therefore feeding her leftovers.
John made Jen eat her Leftovers last night.
by Nick Goob November 03, 2006
Shortened form of leftover drunk. The feeling in the morning after a night of heavy drinking where you're not hung over because you're still somewhat drunk.
James was acting a little weird the morning after that party--I think he was still a little leftover.
by Vitamin Y October 23, 2005
When a guy dumps you for a slut you become the leftover.
Cody's leftover is going out with Adam tonight.
by Jess Rox March 10, 2005
The little bit of powder left in your nose after snorting drugs, which causes you to get a little bump the next time you sniff.
College kid a; "Dude, that was the last of the bath salts!"
College kid b; *SNIFF* "Mmmmm, leftovers!"
by Ibanos The Cobra January 12, 2012
leftover guy or girl who has been in past relationships but has not learned anything from their mistakes. all they have gotten out of past relationships is to not trust people and accuse people of false things. guy or girl who is a pain to be in a relationship with because they have so much past baggage and have not learned new social skills to maintain a good relationship.
Peter keeps accusing Sally of cheating on him when she is not. Sally finally had to break up with Peter because he is such a leftover.
by crystal_t_3000 June 29, 2010

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