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A small Pennsylvania hick/ redneck town in the middle of no where, semi located in between Marinville, Pa and Clarion, Pa. One of those towns that if you drive threw it and blink your eyes, the fucking town is gone. The town is occupied by a little restruant know as "The Sawmill" where children from all ages come to hang out so they can have the respected name of a "Leeper Creeper", if you would like to play the Jukebox, expect to hear the same shit that has been on the damn thing for the last twenty six years, and be assured to hear Turn The Page by Bob Segar playing at any given moment! The Amish drive their buggies from miles around to work the local flea market during the summer, selling churned butter, and home made apple butter. The towns volunteer fire department is run by people all of the same family. Just two years ago, they actually installed the first working red light at the intersection. The magistrate that lives at the center of the town will call the police, that have to be dispatched from thirty minutes away for being a kid and burning your tires, and they will get your ass, cause just like fucking Chears "every body knows your name", the car you drive, where you live, what you ate for dinner, and even who your screwing!
Yo man, lets go to Leeper and get a burger at the Sawmill!
by Justin wurster September 29, 2007

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