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Actually a brand of audio equipment ranging from Microphones to cables... but sprung to fame in a chat room as a random spoutage that quickly became popular amongst about... 3 people.

Leem is pervasive, leem is everywhere. Leem will turn your system of beliefs upsidedown.


Yeah, leem.
by Miek July 10, 2004
Leem is the opposite of Reem The King-Of-The-Leem is also the Anti-Zeem the one destined to destroy everyone who is cool.
That guy thinks he's reem... but he's totally leem.
by kingofthezeem January 24, 2012
A term derived from Leet. Used to claim ones absolute superiority over the other in every way shape or form. It is also an anagram of Meel.
l33t dude: i just pwned him
his friend: yea your da shiiieet
l33t dude: yea, i'm leem
by Gullible December 04, 2003

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