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When the leg of your underwear (boxers, boxer briefs) rides up your leg.
These tight acid washed jeans are giving me a bilateral ledgie.
by smathusg December 27, 2010
A wedgie that happens in the common region between the lower ass cheek meeting with the inner & upper thigh/leg. This is common with large individuals that wear longer underwear such as boxer shorts.

- A wedgie of the legs & lower ass crack.
I got a massive Ledgie after driving my car for a few hours.
by The Big Kas January 17, 2014
a wedgie in the front and back caused by leggings
Girl: These leggings gave me a front and a back wedgie.

Guy: That is what is referred to as a ledgie.

Girl: Haha!
by scruffylooking January 20, 2011