cool band conan o'brien likes. Radio DJ's enjoy saying 'lets get the ledddddd out," but conan would just prefer it if you say 'we are going to play some led zeppelin now.' Conan talked about this on his show once when pobert plant was on.
-lets get the ledddd out.

-no, lets not. lets just listen to some led zeppelin.
by michele sim June 01, 2005
Gods of rock'n Roll sweetness
Led Zeppelin is god of rock and roll sweetness bitch!
by Dan Z. May 18, 2005
Truly the stars were in the proper alignment for this band. The combination of Robert Plant's amazing voice, Jimmy Page's stellar guitar riffs, John Paul Jones rock-solid bass, and John "Bonzo" Bonham's thunderous pounding on the drums.
They created metal, and gave us the most impressive albums of all time. With the possible exception of cuts from CODA, every Zeppelin song is good, and a whole lot are great. Some like Black Dog, and Stairway to Heaven are perfect, simply perfect in every way.
Led Zeppelin is the greatest band in the history of the universe.
by Britt Sain May 04, 2005
Led zeppelin is an english band from the late 60's to 1980. they are the greatest band ever, because they could play any style of music, and use any instuments in their music, and make it sound completely awesome. Weather it's the haunting "battle of evermore", the rocking "Black Dog", the musical orgasm also known as "stairway to heaven", the epic "achillies last stand", the driving and upbeat "trampled under foot" the middle eastern "Kashmir, the sad, somber "all of my love", or the electrical "the ocean", or their blues cover of "when the levee breaks. Led zeppelin showed that they could play any sort of music. With Jimmy page playing the guitar like no one else could, John bonham's drumming that gave him the nickname "god of thunder", robert Plant's amazing voice that could go from screaming like a banshee to haunting ghost like in no time, and John paul Jones with his deadly keyboard and bass (also the recorder on stairway to heaven). No band can ever lick the balls of led zeppelin, let alone be compared to them. often hated by preps, jocks becuase MTV doesn't think they're cool.
me: so you like led zeppelin?

Preppy chick: who are they? does MTV show them?

me: no

Preppy chick: then they must like totally suck.

me: MTV sucks

Jock guy: MTV rules, dumb-ass

me: you guys are retarded *smacks them with a fish*
by Led zeppelin fan April 09, 2005
Im 13 years old and i listen to Led zeppelin. They rule so hard. if you dont like them, then you should just go jump off a cliff, or i'll be happy to push you off it.
R.I.P John Bonham. you are greatly missed
Led zeppelin could blow all your little pansy ass garage bands out of the water.
by Hallie January 31, 2005
the greatest band ever. Without it there would be no metal. the world would be boring.

They have the greatest guitarist ever, JIMMY PAGE. the best drummer, JOHN "BONZO" Bohnam, and one the best bassists, JOHN PAUL JONES, and one of the best vocalists, ROBERT PLANT.

For those people out there who think that they steal music from poor bluesman, thats bullshit. They admittingly stole from Willie Dixon, who had work as a solo artists and with Chuck Berry, so i'm sure he wasn't that poor.

Another thing for people who think that all people who listen to them are "Led Heads" you aughta be slapped. I listen to them more than anyone else but i also listen to bands that are completely different. Such as Ramones, The Clash, The Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, Dead Kennedys, Nirvana. And similar artists like Black Sabbath and Eric Clapton.
Anyone that listens to rap should go to jail and be ass raped by some murderer named Scar
by leddeadredmedhead January 07, 2005
Led Zep is arguably one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Poignant lyrics and killer guitar riffs made the band great. While it may be true that they 'stole' some melodies from lesser known blues performers, but all music must come from some where. People take inspiration from great music, so these lesser known artists should be flattered. Led Zep paved the way for all that was to come after, and erased all that went before. A truly genius band and contrary to what other definitions might state, all ages still enjoy their music. I've been a fan since I was 13 and stumbled upon a poster at a car bootsale that depicted them. Townies and similar illiterate scum may not appreciate them, but what do you expecy from a life form stupider than ameobes. At least ameobes are interesting.
Absolutely no example needed.
by A Metaphor for Paranoia January 07, 2005

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