Led Zeppelin is the Greatest Band in the History of the world.

The Amazing Vocals of Robert Plant, The Killer Riffs of Jimmy Page, The Rhythmic Bass of John Paul Jones, and The Pounding Drums of John Bonham are still unparalleled today.

With songs like Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, Thank You, Gallows Pole, Stairway to Heaven, The Song Remains the Same, Kashmir, Ten Years Gone, Tea for One and In The Evening, Led Zeppelin made its was to the top of the Music Industry and remains there today. With epics like Achillies Last Stand and In My Time Of Dying, Zep showed just how amazing they were.

Bands today cannot even begin to fathom the greatness that Led Zeppelin achieved. They are, and Always will be, the Greatest Band Of All Time
"Lyin', cheatin', hurtin, that's all you seem to do.
Messin' around with every guy in town,
Puttin' me down for thinkin' of someone new.
Always the same, playin' your game,
Drive me insane, trouble is gonna come to you,
One of these days and it won't be long,
You'll look for me but baby, I'll be gone.
This is all I gotta say to you woman"

Led Zeppelin - Your Time is Gonna Come
by Fraser October 24, 2004
Listen to Stairway to Heaven, you'll understand. Led Zeppelin at his best.
by Jimmy Page FOREVER!!! November 19, 2008
The greatest band that will ever live.
The best part is that they're going on tour again!
Guy 1:"Dude, Led Zeppelin is the pimpshit. I wish they would reunite."
Guy 2:"Are you fucking stupid?! They already did!"
Guy 1:"w00t!"
by BennyBear November 16, 2008
A band that some people like to diss. So I'm a fanboy? Even though I know all of there discography and album lengths? And can you stop with all this "Led-Zeppelin stole other peoples songs" crap? It's getting old. And think up more things than "over-rated", you lousy trolls.
Trolls:"Oh my god, Led-Zeppelin is so over-rated!"

Me:"How so?"

Trolls:"People only know songs like stairway and Kashmir."

Me:"*Sigh*, No, they don't. you're just denying the simple fact that a lot of people know a lot more than those songs"

Trolls:"No, I'm not."

Me:"*chooses to be the bigger man and walks away*"
by Stevie23123 October 24, 2008
A rock band that completetly conquers all that came after.
1. Lame guy: Dude slipknot is so good zomg!!!
Awesome guy: I will crush you

2. Punk rock tried to destroy led zeppelin, but zeppelin was far too strooongg!
by sproat_master October 20, 2008
A band that rocked the world that had its name suggested by John Entwistle and Keith Moon of The Who. They owned all the bands from the year 1969-1980 in which the band broke up because there drummer John Bonham died in his sleep from drowning in his own vomit. Their last album was released in 1982. They formed in 1968 and the band was originally named The New Yardbirds. The Band consisted of Robert PLant on vocals, Jimmy Page on Guitar, Mandolin, And Banjo, John Baldwin a.k.a. John Paul Jones on bass and keyboard, and John Bonham on drums. They Broke numerous records Previously held by the beatles and sold out giant stadiums. They're fucking amazing and no other band will ever live up to them
That band is a true Led Zeppelin
by Cody de Abingdon August 07, 2008
The best fucking rock band of all time with hits such as: Black Dog, Stairway to heaven, Rock n Roll, Misty Mountain Hop, and many more rockin songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rock n roll will rule the world one day and Led Zeppelin will be Dictator of the Non-Belivers and god to the rockers.
by Alyssa Romano May 23, 2008
One of the most influential bands. Made of John Paul Jones, John Henry Bonham, James Patrick Page, and Robert Plant, these four musicians formed in 1968 as the New Yardbirds, but were renamed Led Zeppelin based of a joke made by Relf and Keith Moon. The band dominated the USA, and quickly dominated England, displaced the Beatles on the Top Albums, and created its own universe.

Simply put: They're so effing good that you really can't put them in a category.....it's better that way.

If compared to other musicians of today, the person who compared them with some other pop artist or "rock" artist (ex: People think Daughtry is rock...it isn't) will be attacked and not be charged.
Person 1: Dude, you should totally listen to the Jonas Bros. They're WAY better than Led Zeppelin.

Person 2: What did you say? You think that three good-looking preps who strum chords about some cheesy
episodes of a High School Musical story are actually BETTER THAN LED ZEPPELIN?

Person 1: Well-

Person 2: Answer carefully...your life depends on it.

Person 1: Yes?

(Person 2 commences mauling and amputation of person 1)


Police: What's going on here?!

Person 2: He said today's music was better than Led Zeppelin

(Police ponders for a bit)

Police: Oh ok, go on ahead.

(Recommence the beating)
by Diego Ugaz May 12, 2008

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