The greatest rock band that ever existed who's first album was released in 1969. With Rober Plant on lead vocals, Jimmy Page on guitar, John Bonham on drugs, I mean drums, and John Paul Jones on the bass. Jimmy Page and John Bonham are the best guitarist and best drummer ever, respecitively. Led Zeppelin broke up in 1979 with the death of John Bonham. Every word and every note of every Led Zeppelin song is pure genius. Their songs rock harder everytime I listen to them.
Led Zeppelin wrote "The Song Remains the Same"
by Cory June 24, 2004
See Bitchslap God Pwnage

1. The guy above me is an idiot and needs to shut the hell up.
2. Led Zeppelin owns you.
3. Nobody can step to Zep
4. If you disagree, you are wrong
Led Zeppelin kicks your bands ass

(excluding the obvious other classic rock bands that need not be named)
by contra November 30, 2004
Synonym for Heavenly Orgy
It is not spelled Led Zepplin
by Jeydehn November 27, 2004
A band that people "love" just because they have heard Stairway, Black Dog, and other popular songs.
Bandwagon-jumping idiot: Dude, I totally love Zeppelin.
Led Zeppelin fan: (sigh, walks away)
by Anonymous October 14, 2003
The fucking best band ever. Considered "uncool" by most pop-culture trendy idiots now adays.
by mehhh October 11, 2003
A band in which their lead singer (Robert Plant) screams like a banshee.
Led Zeppelin I is my favorite Zeppelin album.
by qbert October 03, 2003
Led Zeppelin, Arguably the best rock band ever, they did a little bit of everything and did it well. Their live performaces were the best, Robert Plant was vocals, Jimmy Page was lead Guitar, John Bonham did drums, and John Paul Jones was Bass Guitar.
How the West was won by, Led Zeppelin fucking rocks all albums out today, and they havent been a band for like 20+ years. That is just sad.
by Johnny B Goode October 03, 2003
The best band ever. Jimmy Page is the best guitarist to ever live.
by Anonymous September 26, 2003

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