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The greatest rock band that ever existed who's first album was released in 1969. With Rober Plant on lead vocals, Jimmy Page on guitar, John Bonham on drugs, I mean drums, and John Paul Jones on the bass. Jimmy Page and John Bonham are the best guitarist and best drummer ever, respecitively. Led Zeppelin broke up in 1979 with the death of John Bonham. Every word and every note of every Led Zeppelin song is pure genius. Their songs rock harder everytime I listen to them.
Led Zeppelin wrote "The Song Remains the Same"
by Cory June 24, 2004
a largely influential Band from 1968-1980. They played in a variety of styles of music blues, rock, folk and many more unlike most bands. Some people dislike Robert Plants vocals saying that his voice is girly but is it really when compared to emo music. At least Robert Plant doesnt sing in monotone like most metal, punk, and 3rd wave ska bands ive heard. People say they dont like Zeppelin because they covered many songs on there first album of other artists then didnt give the credit this is because they didnt think Zeppelin would be a success they were just finishing up The Yardbirds tour after The Yardbirds broke up. Plus how many other musicians have covered songs on their cds Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Pressely, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and many more. Some people think that they only have a couple of a good songs a "one hit wonder" but when i listen to their albums there arnt any songs i dont like. Another good point about the band is that they're all really good musicians unlike Jimi Hendrix's band where he was pretty much holding up the band by himself.
Led Zeppelin: "the biggest band in the world"
by Going to California April 23, 2006
A Band from the the 60's that has influenced many bands, past and present(Van Halen's tapping technique was inspired by the "Heartbreaker" solo). I don't think they were overated, I can't really see how they could be. I think bands like Greenday and Nickleback are overated. Jimmy Page was an amazing guitarist who created many different sounds by using very creative methods( e.g The violin bow on "Whole Lotta Love" and "Dazed and Confused"). Also, John Bonham inovated drumming techniques with his unique style and super fast beats.(listen to Good Times, Bad Times or Moby Dick). Im not really sure that Led Zep alone were the "Creators" of Heavy Metal, and I think someone pointed out that Black Sabbath was doing their thing before Zep, but Led Zeppelin was one of them. Also, Led Zeppelin would have to be one of the most versitile band's in the world because they can do various types of songs(e.g. "Thank you", "Since I've Been Loving you", "Rock and Roll" and "Dazed and Confused" are all diferent styles). Sure, fads come and go but in my opinion, Led Zeppelin wasn't just another fad, because if they were, kids like me( i'm 14) wouldn't be listening to them. They may not be the "Greatest" rock band ever, but they're somewhere up there.
The lyrics in Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" is very mystical, Does it make you wonder?
by Josh Davidson February 11, 2006
Amazing Blues Rock'n'Roll Band (not heavy metal to all you un-cultured weirdos who think that they are).

Band members: Robert Plant - Vocals, Jimmy Page - Lead Guitar, John Paul Jones - Bass Guitar, Piano/Organ, Mandolin, John Bonham - Drums.

Guy: "Hey, *insert attractive girl's name*, you like Led Zeppelin?"

Attractive girl: "Who's he?"

Guy: "Led Zeppelin's the name of a band, I've lost all love for music and I'm going to kill myself :) thanks."

Attractive Girl: "Oh...you're weird, like, my dad listens to him.."
by thatguywhohasanopinion September 19, 2005
Greatest rock band ever to exist and that will ever exist, at least as influential as the Beatles. Paved the way for the likes of Van Halen and AC/DC. Four members, all of which at least one of the best 3 ever at their particular instrument: Jimmy Page, living guitar legend, Robert Plant incredible vocalist, John Bohnam God rest his soul, John Paul Jones one of the most outstanding bassists ever. Despised the title "Heavy Metal," properly: Hard Rock.
The greatest thing you ever can do now,
Is trade a smile with someone who’s blue now,
It’s very easy just.


Well there's a light in your eye that keeps shining.
Like a star that can't wait for the night.
I hate to think I've been blinded baby.
Why can't I see you tonight?

Fool in the Rain
by cavs89 August 17, 2005
the fucking shit. sets the bar for all other rock with its complexity and originality alone. it doesnt matter whether u like punk, metal, country watever. u can't not like zeppelin
roll a joint, throw on the headphones on, and listen to some zeppelin( dazed and confused). You get lost in the music
by guinesslover July 23, 2005
The greatest rock and roll band ever seen or heard on earth. The name is credited to The Who drummer, who said the band would 'crash and burn like a Led Zeppelin'
The Who was wrong about Led Zeppelin
by John Shaffstall July 08, 2005
1. Pure magic in musical-group form.

2. A band whose fans are aware of the fact that they nicked a few songs, but still like them because ..well, they're awesome, and they paid for the nicks anyway.

3. A band whose fans pray each night for a reunion.

4. A band whose rumours about them just make them all the more interesting.
1. "I love Led Zeppelin," said Billy.

2. Led Zeppelin nicked "Gallows Pole" from Leadbelly without credit, but the song still rocks like no other, and was paid for nonetheless.

4. No, "Stairway to Heaven" does NOT have satanic messages, but it does make Led Zeppelin a tad bit more interesting, don't you think?
by Isabella July 01, 2005