The greatest rock band that ever existed who's first album was released in 1969. With Rober Plant on lead vocals, Jimmy Page on guitar, John Bonham on drugs, I mean drums, and John Paul Jones on the bass. Jimmy Page and John Bonham are the best guitarist and best drummer ever, respecitively. Led Zeppelin broke up in 1979 with the death of John Bonham. Every word and every note of every Led Zeppelin song is pure genius. Their songs rock harder everytime I listen to them.
Led Zeppelin wrote "The Song Remains the Same"
by Cory June 24, 2004
A band formed by Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham in 1968 that created music derived from many different genres and was instrumental in creating the genre known as 'Metal'. What they created was more than just music; it was life itself. And it can be argued that their music is responsible for the births of around half the population of the planet.

There are precious few self-aggrandizing pseudo intellectuals who will dismiss the band as wholly overrated. PRECIOUS FEW. These people are free to voice their opinion. But when time ravages us all and we shuffle off this mortal coil, as we all most certainly will one day, I can guarantee that no one will remember those folks for their sorry opinion, or anything they've done at all.

But Led Zeppelin will always be remembered for being Led Zeppelin.
Some folks want to achieve immortality.
Immortality wants to achieve Led Zeppelin.
by Captain Revenge August 15, 2014
Up there with the best bands of all time. Pretty much every song they wrote was fucking awesome.
Person 1: Led Zeppelin sucks

Person 2: Achilles Last Stand
The Rain Song
Going To California
The Rover
Since I've Been Loving You
Ramble On
Celebration Day
In The Light
Trampled Under Foot
Stairway To Heaven
Fool In The Rain
Down By The Seaside
Dazed And Confused

Your statement is invalid.
by classic rock, bitch December 19, 2013
Rock band formed in 1968 by guitarist Jimmy Page that became the best band ever.
"I was watching 'The Song Remains The Same' last night, Led Zeppelin is the best band ever."
by JohnnyAngel69 January 23, 2013
The Best Rock Band To Ever Exist. Period.
There are two kinds of people in this world. People who like Led Zeppelin and deaf people.
by ThatguyfromOhio94 November 19, 2011
Best two words ever.
-I love Led Zeppelin
-Me too
by that black guy who likes curry October 26, 2011
A satanic rock group. Their Stairway to Heaven song, when played backwards, reveals such satnic messages, you will get pwned when reading it....

Am not making this up. Go to
John: Oh yeah Stairway to Heaven!
Satanic Dude: Yeah, the backwards lyrics to led zeppelin's fucking greatest satanic song are this: Oh heres to my sweet satan,

the one whos little path would make me sad whos power is satan,

he'll bring those with him 666,

there was a little tool shed where he made us suffer sad satan.

John: Oh shit
by TheTruthWillBeRevealed September 08, 2010
gods gift to humanity. led zeppelin is a group of demigods.
"And so forth shall come zeppelin" matthew 2:19

dave:yo wanna come to my place and listen to led zeppelin?

bob:whos zeppelin?

dave: get the fuck away.
by the craig machine July 01, 2010

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