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people who are smooth with the ladies.
Hey, I understand you are sexually frustrated. Calm down and have some sex. You love the lebanese.
by john wooten March 15, 2003
A group of people who originate from the eastern Mediterranean country of Lebanon, which constitutes part of the Levant. The majority of Lebanese are of Phoenician heritage. The Phoenician ancestors of the Lebanese are also the prominent genotype of a large portion of the Mediterranean basin including large portions of Italy, Greece, Malta extending all the way to Cornwall in Wales (UK).

There are 19 different religious sects in Lebanon, a country of less than 4 million. Physically, Lebanese tend to be fair skinned, with either brown, green or blue eyes and dark brown, brown, sandy, or red hair. Blond blue-eyed Lebanese comprise approximately 10-15% of the population as many Lebanese carry characteristics of Crusader invaders from Northern and Central Europe.

There are 4 times as many Lebanese outside of Lebanon as there are in the country itself. Nine million reside in Brazil alone and this diaspora constitutes 25% of Brazil's parliament.

The Lebanese diaspora has been immensely successful in politics, business, entertainment and academia (with several Nobel Laureates of Lebanese Background). Some of the wealthiest men/families in the world are of Lebanese Ancestry.
That guy must be awesome because he's Lebanese.
by paradiso November 10, 2009
People who originate from the country of Lebanon. Very giving and generous people. Often times when you come into their houses, they'll invite you to eat and drink something with them. They're usually found smoking the hookah and playing "tawleh" ('Table') in lebanese. They have a lot of pride in their country and in their culture. Many people assume that lebanese people are stuckup and think highly of themselves, which infact is NOT true. They're very kind people who are just infatuated with their country - nothing wrong with that! Overall, they stick together because 1 out of 10 times they're scapegoated and called "terrorist!" and other racial slurs. My opinion, don't judge them 'til you've befriended them for yourself!
Random person: *knocks at door*
Lebanese person: Hello! come in come in! come drink some coffee! Ahla w. sahla feek! I'll read your cup!
by I love lebanese people. February 20, 2011
What Sarah Palin thinks Dick Cheney's daughter is.
I know about foreign policy, after all I know dick cheney's daughter and she's lebanese.
by StormCloud09 February 26, 2009
lebanese girls are the hottest girlz ever no doubt bout that..
lebanese guys are the most cold, NOT FUNNY, and wangstaz ppl ever.. they think they are tough and all but when it comes to real fights they need to call up their whole nation to come wid dem..

you may find that it gets annoying chillin wid some lebanese peeps bcauz they talk about their country a lot where it really gets really annoying and booring..
a lot of lebanese people believe for some reasons that they are the greatest race alive for some self-esteem issues...
a lot of lebanese peeps got attitude and are pretty good at it and think "they are tough"
Example 1:
buddha smoker: yo watzzz good man
lebanese: yo man in lebanon there is.... and... and... and..
*15 minutes later*
buddha smoker: fuck u and ur country

*cocks his shotgun* *BANG*

Example 2:
flirt: yo look at dat maddd chick maynee, i wish i culd get some of dat fine ass
flirt 2: ya mayne shes some fine lebanese chick

Example 3:
person 1 : aii man lets go one on one right naww
lebanese: u sure u wanna mess with me?? ur gunna get killed man
person 1: bring it on wigga u is a soft pussy
*lebanese person calls up 5 ppl*
lebanese: come here right now man this guy is talking shit about lebanon... lets jump him..
by TheBuddha Smokerrr November 06, 2009
An extremely cocky race of mixed people coming from the Middle Eastern country of Lebanon.

They are found in most major cities throughout the world.

Their favorite activity is driving down the street in their BMW while blasting Habibi Ya Nour El Ain. Since most are taxi drivers or convenience store clerks, they have to resort to using one of their credit cards in order to look good and rich.

Generally, they cannot be trusted. Most lebanese men tend to get married in order to please their families, however sneak around and meet other married Lebanese men for some man to man activity.
Girl 1: what's that strongsmell?

Girl 2: Must be that Lebanese guy across the street! He is wearing way too much cologne!

Girl 1: Yeah i thought so!
by somerandompersoncan January 03, 2012
lebanese; advj crazy niggers not liggers..lol..not to be found anywhere but lebanon coz these guys are proper rascist and like to keep it real in the hood..
lebanese equals bad ass AK -47 and they are as attractive as hell..hell u wont even CARE if you get an std..they are that hot and attractive..