This neighbourhood is so white that even those few who are not white in reality are still whiter than most white people.

Affluent and posh, always producing keeners. Everyone wants to go into business or medicine just like their parents.

Other neighbourhoods think they're snobs, but really aren't as bad as some other wealthy neighbourhoods.
Leaside family:
These are the Smiths. They consist of mum and dad, little Bobby and Susie, and Wanjiku, their adopted Kenyan baby.

I woke up this morning and someone was breaking into my car. It's OK though, I let him take it because I've got 7 Lexuses in the back.
by thisnameisrandom April 29, 2011
Top Definition
The whitest neighborhood north of Cleveland.
Fun Facts:
there are 1 1/2 black people living in leaside
a 85% in school is considered a fail
home to the whites rapper north of where ever eminem is from: johnny crack (dont get me wrong, hes not a bad guy)
there are more asian restaurants than asian people
Black guy: I got lost in Leaside and some guy named Gerald ran me over with his Toyota Camry
by T REV 69 March 25, 2007
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