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A light hangover. Very similar to a hangover except you are not hanging, just leaning.
Keifer: "Dude, I feel a little hungover, I only had three beers."
Neal: "You're having a lean over, man. You're only halfway there, you might as well have gotten completely smashed."
by Keifermail July 12, 2009
A small-sized hangover, usually comes with merely a mild headache, a vague fatigue, and little or no sense of regret and/or shame.
I didn't really drink that much last night, but I think I've got a leanover. Wtf!
by Jordan VB September 06, 2007
A disgusting feeling comparible to a hangover but after a night of extreme of piffing.
Dave: Fuck we were chung last night!
Bruce: true dat cuz, mans rockin a hench lean-over today!
by Sir piff alot December 29, 2012
The equivalent of a hangover, but when you've been really lean the night before. Characterised by a lazy fatigue, forgetfulness, and a mild desire for another joint (See Wake n Bake.)
Man, I've a stonking leanover, think I might roll another today.
by _Brightside_ August 02, 2008
To give a person a blow job, as they are driving.
The slut gave leanovers for rides to the mall.
by Mrs. Amazing November 20, 2006