A person who leans over the table while shooting in a game of beerpong.
You won because your a leaner

LEANER... re shoot!
by robboo July 21, 2008
Top Definition
A line of coke.

You know, you gotta lean over to get at it.
Joey: Ey man, hit up this leaner?

Ted: Definately
by doktorfunk November 01, 2005
When someone leans a trash can of water against an inward swinging door so that when the occupant opens the door the water splashes into the room soaking it.
My friend got hit by a leaner in the dorms.
by Ben the guy at UNL November 20, 2005
when a guy is taking a pee and has to use the wall to hold himself up from the great feeling
Dude that piss...total leaner!
by dr dexter mothopilis January 06, 2012
A longish extrusion of fecal material stuck to the skin of the left or right ass-cheek, that is free enough to lean to the right or left, front or back, depending on the angle of the bum relative to the toilet seat. May or may not be fully extruded from the balloon knot, but must be attached to the cheek in question. May be partially submerged in the toilet water, if long enough. Requires a vigorous shaking of the butt cheeks and possible sphincter contraction to dislodge, followed by extensive butt-wiping to ensure proper hygiene.
Christian: (Loudly, from the bathroom) Dad! I've got a leaner!
Dad: And that's my problem how?
by Snarkzilla February 04, 2014
A guy who drops by an attractive girl's office desk in an attempt to hit on her. This guy will more than likely lean on the desk in an attempt to look cool and comfortable. In reality it looks pathetic.
Check out the leaner by Leanne's desk, does he really think he has a shot?

That guy is such a leaner.

Don't be such a leaner bro!

Quit leaning on that chick, you are ruining my chances.

Since you are new here, I'll let you in on a little secret, that guy over there is a leaner.
by jenkhouse411 November 03, 2011
a person who walks into a fast food joint and orders take away instead of going through drive-thru.
Person 1: orders "i'll have a double cheese burger with large fries."
Cashier: "is that eat in or take out?"
person 1: "ummm take out"
Person 2: "LOL what a leaner"
by Black Magick April 18, 2007
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