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when a girl is horny and leaks vaginal fluid
she leaking she soakig wet
she so horny she leaking
by latasha June 26, 2004
When one person has the rights to own a unreleased product on their computer or cd and puts it on the internet to let other unauthorized people to use/own the product. Most leaking is formed in the beta stages of a product or a unreleased cd.
"Dude!! I know a guy leaking the new Black Eyed Peas CD which is coming out in a couple of mounths but he got it early! Wan't a copy?"
by Perry P. September 10, 2006
1) The process of urinating.(better used as 'taking a leak')
2) To tell on some one, to rat out, to tattle tale, to tell other wise unknown information to get someone in trouble.
1)Hey where is Timmy
Oh he is out back leaking.

2)I just saw Timmy cheating on his SAT's I'm totalling leaking that shit.
Saying things just to get them off one's mind.
Either they are pouring their heart out to me or they're just leaking.
by Cortland Klein July 08, 2005
That shit that starts happening after you've been shanked.
Hey G, you hear that snitch in Cell block 3a bleed out cause of how bad he was leaking?
by Mmanonsdrr June 27, 2013
It is typically seen when one does not accommodate the needs of the team and is stupid stubborn because they just pretend to listen, literally in one ear and out any available orifice. This constant behavior is fueled by their profuse ignorance of simple life tasks, and causes them to be unreliable and an all-around rookie at life,
Rookie was steadily leaking into everyone's space with his constant gibberish and impractical thought process.
by whathappenedtothatbird August 04, 2011