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Lead Zeppelin refers to how Led Zeppelin achieved there name, when drummer Keith Moon from band, "The Who" said that they'd go down like a lead balloon (which at the time was a british expression meaning that theyd fail horribly) when asked to join the band. Led Zeppelin later took this term and used it as there name but changes the spelling to "Led" to avoid pronounciation errors.
"that'll go down like a lead balloon",
it wasnt actually Lead Zeppelin it was Lead Balloon,
and Led Zeppelin was the name of the band,
#led zeppelin #lead balloon #keith moon #jimmy page #robert plant #john bonham #john paul jones
by Stan9316 May 07, 2007
The term from which teh band Led Zepplin got its name, this term is used in show business to refer to a show that is a complete and total waste of time for all parties involved.
"That concert was a lead zeppelin."
by Fox April 15, 2005
Colourful description for when your massive penis doesn't rise to the occasion
Sorry baby I'd love to fuck but I've got a lead zeppelin at the moment.
#led zeppelin #erectile dysfunction #cock #pole of power #light saber
by Bootylips September 20, 2011
A threat. The act: getting a hot girl/prostitute/total slut bag to go in and start rubbing/sucking/engaging in sexual congress with the subject of your threat. Then, shortly before ejaculation, but at full and inescapable arousal, you burst into the room and punch said target in the head of the dick aiming towards the base of said penis. The result: complete and utter destruction of said person via ruination into the base of their wang.
Jims: Dude, don't go there. I'll give you a lead zeppelin.

Slapdick: The metal band?

Jims: No the ruination of your dick bro.
#dick #dick punching #cock punch #cock #wang #penis #threat #ruination #ruin #destroy
by angrysomeoneelsehasmyname March 30, 2008
a quantity of fecal matter that contains abnormal levels of lead
I crapped out a lead zeppelin and it hurt
by Dylan January 30, 2004
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